July 2021 Birthday Newsletter

July has always been a month for birthday celebrations (mine, 2 brothers-in-law, a sister and numerous friends) and adding Other Music’s 2nd birthday to the mix is just another reason for a party! 🥂

I’m so proud to be able to celebrate this milestone and whilst I hadn’t anticipated some of the unexpected challenges (ok, let’s be honest – it’s Covid 19), the support of everyone has ensured Other Music is here to stay!  A huge THANK YOU to everyone for coming on this journey.

Here are a couple of presents 🎁 for everyone: 

  • Use the coupon code BIRTHDAY 2021 at checkout this month to receive extra special birthday savings.  You can use it as many times as you’d like.
  • Every online purchase this month will also earn double OM-Notes loyalty points!

If you scroll down you’ll see information on some of the latest print music releases and special on the EZ-Play series of books.

I’ve also highlighted 3 products that Andrew and I couldn’t live without doing our shows! Technology related of course!  And this leads nicely into letting you know what’s happening for both of us in music theatre land.

July is Andrew Lloyd Webber heavy with Lynch & Paterson’s production of Jesus Christ Superstar opening this month.  It’s the third time I’ve performed this show in 7 years and I love it.  This one is simply amazing.  And at the same time, Andrew is doing the Qld community premiere of School of Rock with Redcliffe Musical Theatre.  I’m disappointed I couldn’t be involved but I did manage a sneak peek at a dress rehearsal.  It’s pretty incredible as well.  A particular shout out to the kids!  Details for dates and tickets are below.

If you haven’t already, I’d love you to like the Other Music Facebook Page and follow us on Instagram.  

As always, feel free to contact me for any inquiries or questions.  I’m here to help.  And of course, you’re welcome to forward this email to any friends or family you think would benefit from hearing about Other Music!

July News

All the best and stay safe and well,


What’s New!

Did you miss the information on the latest releases in last month’s newsletter? Someone neglected to add it but not to worry, it’s being included with July’s.  So much new stuff to check out!

  • New Flight Ukuleles
  • Beginning Piano Books for some great shows
  • Cool Brass and Sax Quartets
  • 50 Pop Songs for Kids (for a variety of different instruments)
  • Fun vintage-style lunch boxes and mugs
  • Chart Hits & Contemporary Method Books
  • Disney and heaps more!

You know what to do – click on the green button below to see what’s new!

Why We Love These 3 Products?

I’m finding that more and more of my music is being performed from a PDF on my iPad, which I love.  The only disadvantage is that you have to turn the pages twice as often!  This is where my AirTurn Duo pedal comes in.  You Bluetooth it to your tablet and use the foot pedal to turn the page.  Your hands never have to leave your instrument! 

You can go forwards through the PDF (or photos if you do it that way) and it doesn’t take long to get used to!  You can even take the pedal parts off and use the centre section as a remote.  It doesn’t have to be for music either – can be any pdf or powerpoint etc.  I love it and am often asked about it when people see it in action.

For more details on this pedal, click on the green button below.  They retail for $189 but are currently on special for $169.

One of Andrew’s “favourite things” are his Presonus Bluetooth Headphones.  He uses them for every show whether he’s playing or mixing the sound.  The active noise cancellation means you can totally focus on what you’re meant to be hearing without the distractions of external noise.  They can also be used either wirelessly through Bluetooth or wired, depending on the situation.  The battery lasts for up to 16 hours and they’re so comfortable.  I often struggle with over-ear headphones pressing too much on my glasses but these are great!

For more details on these headphones, click on the green button below.  They retail for $294 but are currently on special for $249.

This tablet holder is totally adjustable and suits my large iPad Pro as well as smaller tablets.  It can easily attach to the base of a mic stand and you’re not as hidden from the audience as you are with a full music stand.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good music stand and own several, but it depends on the situation as to what I use.  It’s also great to fit around the drum kit and also come with a phone holder as well.  This tablet holder is one of the essentials that Andrew and I both include with our gear.

It’s very reasonably priced at only $46.95 RRP and there’s a special for this month too!  $42.25 so click on the green button to place your order.  

EZ-Play Specials

I don’t remember when this series became “a thing” but they are incredibly popular now.  With big notes, letter names and chord symbols included, you can start playing your favourite songs in no time at all!  There are nearly 300 books available now so there’s something for everyone.  Even better – they’re 20% off the RRP for all of July so click on the green button to see the range and place your order.

There’s no need for a coupon code – they’re already on special!

Music Theatre You Don’t Want to Miss

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