January 2021 Newsletter

I’d like to wish our wonderful Other Music customers a very happy new year and all the best for 2021.  We’ve finally said goodbye to 2020 and hopefully we can all say, we made it through. Thanks for all your amazing support and remember that without you, Other Music wouldn’t be here.   Whatever the new year brings, I hope it’s at least a little more predictable and settled as well as everything you want it to be. Healthy and safe is a great start!

Now that the Christmas frenzy is over, it’s time to think more about Back to School and everything that it entails.  If you scroll down, you’ll see some Back to School Specials & Ideas as well as some very exciting news about the audio brand Presonus.

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December News

All the best and stay safe and healthy,


Instruments for Students – Studio 19 Rentals

Does your school-aged student need to get a musical instrument for this year?  Maybe you’re an adult learner wanted to get started as well.  Not sure if you want to invest in a new instrument just yet?  Studio 19 Rentals is the answer you’re looking for!

  • Make sure the equipment is right for you. You can return at any time after 6 months.
  • Apply to purchase at any time, even after 1 day!
  • No ongoing account keeping fees or charges
  • Low monthly payments
  • Maintenance and repairs included
  • Optional Protection Plan available
  • If you continue to rent for the maximum term of 3 years, we will contact you to assist in finalising your agreement.

Click here for more information & FAQ on the Studio 19 Rentals.

Simply find the product you’re after (eligible products will have the Studio 19 information below the price) and click on the Apply Now button. It’s all done online – what could be simpler?! If you’d like to see the purchase options throughout the rental period for a particular product, click on the Apply to Purchase Info button.

Follow the links below to more information on Studio 19 and to see the range of band orchestral instruments we have available. 

PreSonus arrives at Other Music!

We are super excited to announce that Presonus is now available at Other Music!

PreSonus is an innovative company, established in 1995, based out of Baton Rouge who’s mission is to remove barriers and create audio products to inspire you to reach your creative goals “wherever sound takes you”. They offer solutions for everyone, beginner to professional, from your first microphone and audio interface to live sound products, live/studio hardware and software.

Andrew (Hazzardsound) can vouch for their quality – his studio is full of Presonus gear!  He’s more than happy to offer advice on any of the products and best solutions for your audio needs. Just contact us if you’d like a hand and click on the green button to see the range.  

Here are two products we’re featuring this month:

Presonus ioStation 24c

A 2 in 1 device, the ioStation is an excellent audio interface for the solo artist or podcaster.

It’s everything you need in one place; able to record in pristine audio quality with Presonus’s own XMAX pre-amps, hands-on controls with the motorised touch fader and transport buttons to navigate your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) or the included Studio One 5 software.

PreSonus AR8c

Another innovative product that does it all.

From Podcasting to the stage, this analog mixer, audio interface and stereo recorder is a very affordable solution for everything audio.

It features 4 Presonus XMAX mic preamps, onboard SD recording, latency-free Multi Effects and a ton of inputs including Bluetooth. All this power for under a grand, now on sale for $799!

Back to School

Starting to learn an instrument is great fun, but you may have been daunted by a list of requirements from the music teacher.  Believe me, they’re all important to help you play your instrument properly, keep it clean and learn about reading music at the same time.  

To try and make this simpler for you, we have put together a list of all the basic things that you’ll need and sorted it by instrument for you.  It includes the most widely used method books and all the necessary accessories.

Just click on the green button below and select the instrument you or your child is learning.  You’re of course welcome to contact us if you have any questions.  

The Perfect Music Stand for Students

Every student needs a music stand so why not get one that’s incredible value!  “The Stand Company” TSC20 student music stand retails for only $24.95, folds up so is really portable and comes with a carry bag.  Like we said – perfect!  Just click on the green below to check on the TSC20 or the full range of available music stands.

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