April 2022 Newsletter

As I’m writing this newsletter, I’m enjoying the cooler weather and blue skies!  While the rain was nice for a while, you can certainly have too much of a good thing and I’m sure everyone on the East Coast is appreciating being a bit less damp.  I hope you’re safe and dry.  

Did you see my special social media posts on 19 March?  For me, it was a momentous day, celebrating 30 years since I started working in music retail. 🥳 It was meant to be a casual job to keep me going until a full-time teaching position became available.  Needless to say, I’ve stopped waiting and wouldn’t have it any other way.  I’ve loved music retail ever since and was excited to celebrate this milestone.  

Check out the post here and don’t laugh too hard at some of the old photos! 😂 If you haven’t already, I’d love you to like the Other Music Facebook Page and follow us on Instagram.  If nothing else, you’ll get a good laugh 🤣 every Friday! 

In other exciting news, I’m about to venture out of Qld for the first time in 3 years and even get on a plane! ✈️ It’s only a quick trip for a few days to Sydney to see suppliers and visit family but I’m really looking forward to it.  Everything will continue as normal for Other Music so don’t hold back with inquiries and orders etc! 

In this newsletter, we have lots of new products to share with you as well as a reminder for ANZAC Day and information on the Qld Vocal Competition Festival!

As always, feel free to contact me for any inquiries or questions.  I’m here to help. 🆘 And of course, I’d love you to forward this email to any friends or family that you think would benefit from hearing about Other Music! 🙏

All the best and stay safe and well,


New Ernie Ball Slinky Electric Guitar String Sets!

Back in 2021, I heard about some great new Slinky gauges for guitar and bass that Ernie Ball was working on, but Covid put those plans on the backburner. 😢

Not anymore! It’s 2022 and Ernie Ball has just launched the much anticipated five new Slinky sets!  🎉

Hyper, Magnum, Zippy, and Skinny Top Heavy Bottom 7-String Slinky guitar sets feature the same great bright and balanced tone that Slinkys are known for, in new never-before-offered combinations. All sets feature nickel-plated steel wrap wire around a tin-plated hex core for that iconic Slinky feel and tone that players have relied on for decades.

Zippy  7-36

Hyper  8-42

Magnum  12-56

Skinny Top Heavy Bottom 7 String  10-62

Hyper (Bass)  40-100

Welcome to the Slinky Family!!

For more details click on the green button below.  

New Presonus Interface!

The latest interface from Presonus is already proving to be an absolute winner!

Ultra-affordable, surprisingly powerful, and small enough to fit in your pocket, AudioBox GO™ gives you all the connections you need to record on the move or in your home studio. Whether you’re recording a guitar riff at rehearsal or a full-length solo album in your bedroom, you’ll have all the tools you need to create like a pro, right from the start. Compatible with both computers and mobile devices, the AudioBox GO is perfect for anyone who wants to get started recording fast.

It’s now my go-to interface when using MainStage with a MacBook and my keyboard and is incredible value.  At only $139 anyone can get started!

Please follow the buttons below to check out more details and to place your order.  They’re selling fast!

New Model Casio Keyboard!

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Casio Electronic Musical Instruments, the Casiotone Series is back and better than ever! New features such as an integrated carry handle, piano-shaped keys, longer battery life, smooth corners and a slim profile make this the perfect introduction to music.

And who doesn’t love testing out a new keyboard?  I’m no exception and am so impressed by this new model Casio keyboard.

For practising at home, for songwriting, for rehearsals, and for the stage. With the CT-S500, the keyboardist has everything they need. An all-around instrument, offering high-quality sound and rich expressivity. It’s fully featured for however you perform – whether it’s live on stage or streaming over the web. From the moment you first try one, this will be the musical partner you’ll always want to have around.

It’s compact & lightweight and the sounds are amazing.  It’s easy to use and with the included BlueTooth Midi & Audio Adaptor can be connected to the free Casio Music Space app.  

There’s a great introductory special offer so click on the green button to see the full details.  If you have any other questions, just contact me and I’ll be happy to help. 

Lyres for ANZAC Day

It’s not long until ANZAC Day so if you’re marching, make sure you check that your instrument and lyre are ready.  If you need a new brass or woodwind lyre (or instrument 🎺 of course!), you’ll need to order them by the end of the Easter weekend to ensure they arrive in time for April 25.  You know what to do – the green buttons are below!

New Print Music Releases

I know I have said it previously but with so many delays in shipments arriving, new print releases are taking longer than normal to arrive.  However, I’ve had a sudden influx – 4 months’ worth arrived all at once!  You can’t complain about that! 

Here’s a taste of what has just arrived so click on the green buttons below to see the complete range.

  • ABBA, Adele & Aerosmith
  • DJ Techniques & Drum Music Compilations
  • New Instrumental Playalong Series (Super Hits, Best of Pop, Hit Songs)
  • Musical Theatre & Movies (Dear Evan Hansen, Cinderella, Sing 2 plus more)
  • Grade Busters Collections & Singers Anthology Movie Songs
  • Collections of Piano Songs in Easy Keys
  • Guitar Music
  • “Peaceful” Music & Complete Gillock Piano Album
  • And so much more!!

If you’d like to see any of these new books,  just contact me.  I may be able to show you in person or go online and show you over FaceTime or Zoom.  Whatever suits!

Qld Vocal Competition Festival 2022

I am very proud to be a sponsor of the Queensland Vocal Competition (QVC) Festival which is being held at the University of Queensland School of Music on 4 and 5 June 2022. I’ll have a trade display of the latest vocal collections, methods, instructional material and “fun stuff” to show so I’d love you to come along. 

The QVC Festival is celebrating its 20th anniversary, with Katie Noonan as its very first ambassador, welcoming a new era of the competition.  Prestigious adjudicators Lisa Gasteen, Gregory Massingham, Jason Barry-Smith, Lisa Lockland-Bell and Brett Holland will also bring their expertise and knowledge to this exciting event. It will be a celebration and competition to remember.

Entries close on 24 April so you only have 1 week left to submit your entry details.

For the first time, to celebrate the competition’s 20th Anniversary, QVC Festival has a special launch event!  The Festival Launch is a special event that will feature and showcase two talented young singers in an informal masterclass setting.  The launch is open to audience members and children/students are also welcome to attend. For Qld Music Teacher’s Association members and children/students, ticket prices are reduced.

Information on the festival launch, entry details and festival adjudicators are found using the green buttons below.  

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