Thank you!

With Andrew’s Grandson Jaxson.
Can you see the similarity?!!

Did you miss my blog last week?  Did you even notice there wasn’t one last Sunday night?!!  I had aimed to write something each week for you, but it had been so insanely crazy, I didn’t get to it.  Let me explain why.

It will only happen once, so had to make the most of it!  I turned 50 and such a milestone felt like it needed a special celebration.  Not only did I continue the ongoing work for Other Music, adding more products to the website, general maintenance and the set up of a special teacher section (details to come), I had my entire extended family all in the one place for a week to help celebrate.  We only get together like this every couple of years, so it was very special and I wanted to make the most of it.

There were so many highlights but I’ll just go through a few for you.

We had a fantastic meal at Pilpel’s ( for my actual birthday and I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much.  The Middle Eastern Experience didn’t disappoint and the home-made Turkish Delight was to die for! 

Who doesn’t love seeing a movie on the opening day?  Seeing the new Lion King movie with the family was great and I just loved it.  The music is incredible, the animation amazing and seeing it in English was novel! (I’d only seen the original Lion King movie in French!)

Go Karting Safety Briefing

For a totally different change of pace, we all went go-karting which I hadn’t done for about 15 years.  The adrenalin rush was intense and you wouldn’t believe that 2 x 10 minute races could go so quickly.   Here’s pic from behind with our classy hairnets and balaclavas to wear underneath the helmets.  Safety first!

My birthday party involved live band karaoke, along side way too much food and drink.  Seeing so many of my friends and family get up to have a sing was fantastic, especially the young kids.  I don’t think I would have done it at that age.   I only just started getting up in the last year or so!  So many highlights from the night but if I have to narrow it down to 2, it’s these:

Yasodalicious Mandalas Cheesecakes
  • Your Song! – Andrew surprised me by singing a beautiful version of Elton John’s Your Song to me (while playing drums), with Lachy on bass and Brad on piano.  He knows how much I love the song and it’s hard to believe it’s also 50 years old.  Some songs just stand the test of time so well and it was an incredibly special moment that I will remember for the rest of my life.   I didn’t think he would ever be able to top giving me Tyber for my birthday 4 years ago, but he has!  I cried on the night and am even getting teary now remembering it! I’m a bit of a softy really.
  • Cheesecake!  The most incredible hand painted mandala cheesecakes from Yasodalicious Mandalas.  They looked too good to eat but that didn’t stop us in the end and they tasted amazing.  Check out

On a personal note, so many of my friends and family travelled a long way to help me celebrate and have supported me in the setting up of Other Music.  I won’t name you all individually but you know who you are.  A huge THANK YOU!!

That’s enough about my birthday week!  It’s back to reality now and next time I’ll share some exciting news about special privileges for teachers, more product information and whatever other adventures come my way this week.