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Hazzard Sound Studio Redesign

You know how it goes. It all starts with an innocent question!! “I’ve got an idea. How would you feel about moving the upstairs mixing room to the live room downstairs and move the spare bed, cupboards etc back up?” It didn’t take long to decide, and then the fun began! I went to the […]

Wow – We’re nearly at the end of Term 3 already!!

Can you believe we’re already into September and it’s nearly the end of Term 3? Where is the time going? I thought, therefore, that I should write about school related “stuff” this week! Spending your budget Firstly, I know that a lot of school budgets need to be spent at this time of year and […]

Vandoren Clarinet Reeds – why so many?!

Have you ever become confused about the different options of reeds available?  There’s so many to choose from and what makes them different?  And that’s only within one brand!!  I’m here to give you some basic information that might help next time you’re purchasing reeds. I’ll just stick with the Vandoren B Flat clarinet reeds […]

Music, Music & Other Music!

Now that things have settled down after conferences and my birthday celebrations, it’s back to the regular jobs of fulfilling orders, adding product data to the website, promoting Other Music and showing how we’re Not Like the Others! Did you receive my first email newsletter last week?  The plan is to send a product related […]

Thank you!

Did you miss my blog last week?  Did you even notice there wasn’t one last Sunday night?!!  I had aimed to write something each week for you, but it had been so insanely crazy, I didn’t get to it.  Let me explain why. It will only happen once, so had to make the most of […]

What A Week!

I was really looking forward to the Maryborough Music Conference this year and it certainly didn’t disappoint.  As I suspected, it was totally different being a delegate compared to having a trade display.  Driving to Maryborough in a car instead of a van or truck loaded with gear was very pleasant.  I also didn’t have […]

Maryborough Music Conference 2019

I can’t believe the Maryborough Music Conference is on again already, but this year is going to be a bit different. I have been to every one since it first started in the early 2000s, but always with a trade display and a group of people. It’s been great fun and I have many fond […]

Welcome to Other Music

I’m so excited to be writing this first blog and announcing the launch of Other Music. After over 25 years working for someone else in music education retail, it was time to use all that knowledge and experience and do it for myself. Hence, Other Music! It’s been a while in the making and many […]