Hazzard Sound Studio Redesign

You know how it goes. It all starts with an innocent question!! “I’ve got an idea. How would you feel about moving the upstairs mixing room to the live room downstairs and move the spare bed, cupboards etc back up?” It didn’t take long to decide, and then the fun began!

I went to the Birralee Recycled rehearsal one night and came home after only 3 hours to find the mixing room packed into boxes and sad, empty looking walls and desks greeting me. Wow – if this can happen in such a short amount of time, this will be done really quickly I think. That was my mistake! My hats off to removalists. I couldn’t do this all the time. Physically moving beds, cupboards, desks etc wasn’t too painful, just demanding. The scariest part for me was carrying my beautiful digital piano downstairs! No real dramas with anything other than the glass top sliding off one of Andrew’s desks. Amazingly, it didn’t break!

The more difficult part of re-arranging your entire workspace was deciding where everything should go and how it should be connected. I could offer moral support but that’s Andrew’s area of expertise. Who knew that there could be so many ways to configure the computers, mixers, rack units, snakes etc?

Some things we had to consider:
  • Where the room acoustic treatment needed to be
  • Where was the optimal position for listening when mixing and mastering
  • With this extra space, would the cables be long enough
  • What’s the most practical way to store all the PA, microphones, keyboard, percussion and guitar gear (when you put it all together you realise how much there is!)
  • What hasn’t been used for ages that we don’t need anymore
  • Where to put the bar fridge!

You’ll be pleased to know the majority is now finished. It’s really opened up the space and with a bit more sorting & cosmetics it will be fantastic.

After only a week of downtime, Hazzard Sound is back open for business! Production, Recording, Mixing and Mastering etc. We’d love you to see what we’ve done and check out what Hazzard Sound has to offer. This studio is just another reason that Other Music is not like the others!


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